Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tote and Gloat and a mini tutorial on painted wholecloth miniature quilt

Doesn't time fly by when you are busy - I haven't blogged for the last few weeks as I have been very busy organising the tour of Cindy Needham from California to Palmerston North NZ for our local Tote & gloat show as well as trying to get a challenge done.
Cindy was fabulous - such a generous and giving tutor. Her lecture at Tote & Gloat and the 3 classes she did for Rose City Quilters were wonderful. Everyone who attended the classes thought she was one of the best tutors they had ever had. A big Thank You to Cindy for coming to visit us.
For the challenge I made a wholecloth quilt. The challenge theme was "Inspired by a Paper Napkin (serviette)". My mother gave me this paper napkin, it was just so elegant. I drafted up a variation of the pattern in the napkin and then decided how to make the quilt. I chose to do a miniature only 12" square. I decided to make this using white batik fabric, pure silk thread and a #60 needle. I quilted the design first and then went back and coloured in the 'applique' areas with a black Pigma Pen.
Here it is in steps -
I used a Frixion black (heat erase) pen to mark the design then machine quilted the 'applique' areas and started to colour them in to see if it would work. Then I machine quilted the entire background area. Using the small needle and silk thread means you can quilt very tiny stitches.
This is kind of scary because you have to stay in the lines, if it goes over you can't remove the pen. So just fudge it and make a slightly larger line outside the quilting stitches.
Yay, it looks good. Now how to edge it??? I decided to make the edges wavy and to face it as I do not like the look of an extra binding on it.
I was very pleased with the way it turned out, and I won a Merit Ribbon so I am very pleased.Dianne

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