Sunday, January 19, 2014

Patchwork Fabrics $20 and under

I have been gradually adding lots of wonderful fabrics for you that are NZ$20 per metre or less.
Check out these -

Chevrons are very 'in' and so are grey and black. These fabrics above are only NZ$20 per metre
Then this range has wonderful bright colours

This great range is only NZ$19 per metre.Add lots of plain or tone on tone fabrics in similar colours to make them pop.
I have this lovely range of self striped fabrics which are a great price, only NZ$15 per metre. The fabric is lovely, not what you might normally associate with that kind of price, I am happy to use these in my quilts.

These are very fine stripe, a lovely red and golden yellow and I also have this in an electric blue.
I will try to keep adding to this range of better priced fabrics, keep an eye out. Do call in and see these and other fabrics we have.

New Patchwork Fabrics in over Christmas/New Year

Opening the boxes of fabric that arrive in is like having Christmas prezzies regularly. It is always a surprise to see what is in them because generally we are ordering up to 3 months in advance, and you do tend to forget what you have ordered. Here are some of the fabulous fabrics we have had in over the last month.
These 2 fabrics are from the new Tim Holtz range NZ$27.90 per metre. Tim is more well known for his stamp and mixed media supplies but has now branched out into patchwork fabrics. I love these 2 for the design and the colour - that grey is very popular at present.

This range is from the Country Caboodle and is called In Cahoots. Deep rich golden colours with black set them off nicely. NZ$29.10 per metre

Landscape fabrics are always popular. I really love the stone work which could be used for walls, paths, buildings. The top 3 are NZ$27.90 per metre and the Sea fabric is NZ$26.50 per metre.
Then something for the men in your life -
BBQ items, ideal to make a variety of things, including aprons, BBQ mits, placemats etc NZ$25 per metre
And for the kids (including big kids)

Spiderman fabrics. Both of these are NZ$27.50 per metre.Cushions, quilts, backpacks, notebook covers etc etc, so much you can make using this fabric range.

I really love the fresh colours in this range by Pat Sloan - Bobbins and Bits. NZ$27.20 per metre
Team them with watermelon reds, golden yellow, orange and lime green - wow what a combination.
Let me know if I can help you with any of the above fabrics either by mail order or call in and see them in the studio.Your drive in will now be much smoother.
Happy New Year everyone

Driveway Finished

Thank you for your patience over the week of Christmas while our driveway was re-concreted. Here is a couple of before pictures

It had just gotten so bad with the water over winter sitting in the hollows. Now this is what the new driveway looks like -
So much better, smoother. Enjoy driving in.