Monday, December 22, 2014

Symposium needs

It is not long now until the National Quilt Symposium being held in Palmerston North 16-21 January 2015. I have been going through the needs lists of the tutors and can offer you many items, either for purchase prior to symposium or take a chance and see if we still have stock at symposium.
The Cut A Round Tool is only NZ$60.
Some items in stock are
- Markal Paintstiks (same as Shiva), a good selection of colours available NZ$15, both standard and iridescent colours. They will last you a long time or cut them in half and share with a friend.
- Clover Fabric Folding Pens, I thought I would get some of these in to try.
- Ultimate Marking Pencil
- Transfer foils, a good selection of colours available
- Lumiere paints
- Dye-na-flow paints (these are due in about 10 days)
- Freezer paper
- Steam-a-Seam Lite is back in stock
- Frixion pens in blue and black (I love these for marking on fabric, erase with heat and bring back with extreme cold, wash once you have sewn to remove completely)
- Vliesofix- lots of metres of this available
- Jo Sonja Textile medium
- Roxanne's Glue Baste It
- Caran D'Ache Neocolour II was pastels
- Washaway, tearaway, clear sewable vinyl
- black and white Kunin felt
- Procion MX Dyes
- brushes - I have a selection or round and angled brushes
and much more.
Why not call in or give me a call (or email) and I will try to help you with your needs lists.
Have a wonderful; Christmas

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cracker Snaps Available

More cracker snaps have just arrived in store. Not sure what they are?? That's what gives you the bang in your Christmas Cracker. We sell them for $4 a packet of 10 and there is  10% off if you buy 5 or more packets. Have a go at making your own Christmas Crackers- then you will get far better things inside than the ready made ones. They are very easy to make.
My tips - use a paper that is not too hard to pull apart, so maybe a lightweight paper which will easily pull apart and then you can always decorate with the fancy paper around the middle.
 - place your paper face down on the table and then lay a cracker snap down followed by the cardboard tube. I do this so that when it bangs you do not get a black mark on the items in your tube. - place a second tube about 1" away from the first. Roll the paper around the centre tube and tie one end very tightly between the 2 tubes. The second tube ensures that your paper doesn't squash and keeps it very nice and neat. You can push the 2 ends portions together to get that professional look. Once tied you remove this second tube and you should have a very neat and tidy looking end.
- fill whatever you want in the tube and place your spare tube in the end before you tie your last end. Once tied remove the spare tube and you should have a very professional looking cracker. Decorate the centre portion with fancy papers, decorations, glitz, whatever you want.
- enjoy pulling them. If you want to ensure the snap does go SNAP, then hold the ends making sure you have the end of the cracker snap  under your fingers so they do pull apart and bang.
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

We will be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, open again on Saturday morning, then closed Monday (as we usually are), open Tuesday and Wednesday then closed Thursday and Friday. Do call and visit, we have lots of lovely fabrics arrived in store for you.

Best wishes and seasons greetings to all
Dianne and Colin