Monday, January 24, 2011

Craft Classes

Welcome to my blogspot. It's time once again for the list of craft classes I am running for the first term of 2011.
Textile & Fibre Art
2nd Wednesday each month, Feb 9, Mar 9, Apl 13, May 11, June 8, July 13, Aug 10, Sept 14, Oct 12 & Nov 9, 7pm - 9pm NZ$15 each lesson or NZ$120 paid in advance
Extend your creativity and try things in a different way, put a twist on how you do things. Dianne will teach this regular monthly class which is mostly textile based but uses a variety of techniques - including rust dyeing, gel mediums, collage, metal, heataway, burnaway, washaway, fusible, felt, paint, tissue, Lutradur, Tyvek & Evolon etc.Make books, wall hangings, vases, caskets, screens, ornaments or affix your pieces to artists' canvas and hang them on your wall. I am here to guide you and show you some examples.

Half Nighter With Jennie Anderson
Saturday February 12th or March 12th 2pm - 10pm NZ$65
Jennie has designed another lovely quilt for you to make in this half nighter. Start at 2pm, see Jennies quilt, get sewing, have a lovely meal, finish at 10pm. Your quilt willbe either finished or close to it based on previous classes. We are once again offering you a choice of 2 days as these classes are very popular.
No sample to view, it's a surprise until the day you get here.

Patchwork Techniques Savvy
3rd Tuesday monthly except April which will be the 2 nd Tuesday as I'm at Symposium
Feb 15, Mar 15, Apl 12, May 17, June 21, July 19, Aug 16, Sept 20, Oct 18 & Nov 15
7pm - 9pm NZ$15 per lesson or NZ$120 if paid in advance
Like to learn shortcuts, make your patchwork easier to cut, sew and make. Dianne will teach you a new patchwork cutting/sewing technique each month. Learn how to cut less and make your patchwork blocks easier to sew. Check with Dianne for examples. Here is one quilt using quick techniques

Thread Painting - Tuesday 22 Feb 7pm - 9pm NZ$15
Dianne has created a class to show you how you can 'thread paint' - using a preprinted picture in a piece of patchwork fabric, thread and a sewing machine you can enhance the design already in the fabric with stitching. See how easy it can be to do and how you could create your own thread painted designs.

Advanced Fabric Dyeing - Sunday 27th February 9:30am - 4pm NZ$40 + materials fee
You've done some basic dyeing and know what to do? Why not now try some advanced dyeing techniques. See how you can add a thickener to dyes to make them paintable, try some resist dyeing, drip dyeing and much more. Here are a couple of examples

Jane's Floppy Bear - Saturday 5th March 9:30am - 4pm NZ$45
Jane has made this beautiful little (33cm long) floppy bear who will hang over your shoulder, lay on the bed, sit hunched up or cuddle you. Can be made from standard coloured fur or bright fur for a different looking bear. A kit can be supplied if required for a fee.

Scrap Sensations - Sunday 6th March 9:30am - 4pm NZ$40
You have accumulated a lot of patchwork scraps and want to use them up? Why not come to this class and Dianne will show you a variety of patterns you can use to make them look sensational. By adding 1-2 main fabrics (eg. black or white) you can set off your myriad of colours and prints by making something useful from these scraps. Machine piecing and foundation piecing techniques will be your main methods.
This sample is a small but fiddly piece of foundation piecing, you donot need to be this small or fiddly but it does give you an idea of how good your scraps can look

Zippered Purse Wednesday March 23rd  7pm - 9pm  NZ$15
Dianne has designed this fun and easy to make lined zippered purse/bag. You can make it bigger or smaller depending on the length of zip you use. Add lots of embellishments to decorate - buttons, ricrac, fibres, beads, appliques etc

Funky Decorator Birds - Thursday March 31 8pm - 9pm NZ$15
Dianne has had fun designing this gunky decorator bird. The bird is made from fabric (the brighter the better) and stands on long legs (wire or wood) which can be pushed into a pot plant (indoor) or a wooden base. This is a lovely quick to make pattern which can be embellished in lots of ways.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

William Morris Inspired Fabrics

Happy New Year to all. I do not know where my December went and sorry for not writing more in December. Our Christmas was lovely, the weather here in Palmerston North has been fantastic really, reaching up to 31degrees one day. Very hot and sometimes quite muggy. Enough to send you inside to stitch :).
Just before Christmas I had in some new fabric from Michelle Hill's range - Adelaide, Inspired by William Morris. These are really lovely fabrics that do blend in with the existing William Morris fabrics we already have.
A border stripe and some allover prints that allow you to create lots of different pieces. NZ$26.60 per metre
Some new books arrived in store as well. I have been waiting for Jane Dunnewold's latest book Art Cloth to arrive. I think it is a great manual for anyone interested in surface design for fabric. She shares an expansive range of processes and products to create spectacular fibre art including using - dyes, discharge agents, paints and foils, screen printing, stamping, stencilling & handpainting. A good read and something to have on hand when experimenting. NZ$49.30

The next book that I find very interesting is "collage + cloth = quilt" NZ$53
Use personal photos to create a collage and learn how to select fabrics that work with your composition. This technique book for any quilter encourages you to look for texture, shape and colour when you shoot pictures. Expand your quilt design possibilities by learning how to spot unusual vantage points, intricate details, varied patterns and complex elements in your photography. After the instructions and how to's, there is a section " Gallery of Collages and Quilts" which shows you a variety of quilts and the collages and photos that started them. A great way to learn by seeing what someone else has created.
I mentioned in an earlier blog about some magazines from Australia - Yarn, Felt and Embellish. The latest issues of all 3 arrived in just prior to Christmas. Yarn is dedicated to knitting, spinning and weaving and fibres, Felt is mainly felting with some spinning and weaving and fibres and Embellish has a little of lots of things, including shibori, printing with gelatin plates, repurposing clothing with stitching, crochet and bleach amongst other things. Only NZ$15 each these are a lovely read.
Do call in and see me and check out the fabrics and books. I'd love to see you