Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cracker Snaps

As Christmas approaches us so quickly, now is the time to make your own christmas crackers. You will have far better gifts etc in them if you make them yourself rather than buy them ready made. I have been so disappointed with bought ones.
Cracker snaps come in packets of 10 for NZ$3 or buy 5 or more packets and get a 10% discount.
They are so easy to make - you do need to use a light weight paper tho as it is easier to 'snap' apart. The beautiful heavy papers are much harder to pull apart so if you want to use these the lightly score them across the wrong side middle before using so they do come apart and you don't sit there pulling with nothing happening.
You can use any cardboard type roll for the centre - this could be from a toilet roll or you can cut the rolls from paper towels/cling wrap etc in half to whatever length you want and use them. Make your own roll from cardboard if you need something a little bigger. Your paper covering has to be at least the length of your roll twice and enough to easily wrap around them.
How to make a Christmas Cracker
Lay the paper right side down on the table and place a cracker snap across the middle of the long side and then place your roll over this. Now place 2 more of the same rolls with a 1-2" gap on either side from the centre roll. (- - -) Place a strip of double sided sellotape along the edge of the paper and roll up, pressing carefully along this edge to seal. The 2 extra rolls help keep the shape nicely. Now tie one end between the 2 rolls using string, ribbon, etc and tie tightly. This will help the cracker snap stay in there, remove the extra roll and your end stays looking very professional. Pop whatever goodies you want in from the open end and then tie this between the 2 rolls and your cracker will look great without the ends all squashed up. Remove the remaining extra roll. Now decorate the top of the cracker if you want or just leave with your nice paper.
Have fun 'cracking' them and have a wonderful Christmas.
We are open between Christmas and New Year. Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for statutory days. Call in and see us when you get time to want to make something.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advanced Dye class & New Fabrics

Oh dear... I did not realise it has been just over a month since I last posted something. I have just finished the sale month which went very well. Hopefully you got a bargain from our $12 per metre special fabrics and the 50% off ribbons, buttons and beads. Keep an eye out for our next specials.
I recently went over to the lovely ladies in Marton and taught an Advanced Dyeing Class. What fun we had creating all sorts of  techniques for dyed fabrics from dripping to sprinkling, tied resists to flour paste resist, tray deying and batik. They will have a lot of wonderful fabrics to show their fellow members at Show & Tell.
Here are some of my samples, sometimes it is hard to stop adding more fabric as they look gorgeous as you are making them you just want to keep making more.
I look forward to seeing some of their pieces.

Some new fabric that arrived in recently are these 2 from Susybee, one a panel for the wall or bed and the other a growth chart. Although this has inches marked along the side you can stitch a tape measure for metric measurments along the egde as well. Both are quite delightful fresh new designs. The panel is NZ$23.90 and the growth chart is only NZ$9.50. Oops sorry, forgot to turn it up the right way.

We will be open through out the Christmas Holiday period, closing only for the statutory days, the Thursday Sit & Sew-cial is on all through. Look forward to seeing you