Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Hours

Today we are having our front driveway re-concreted. They dug up all the old concrete yesterday and are busy putting metal down and whacking it flat, then the concrete will be brought in. It will be so good to have a flat driveway rather than the broken bumpy concrete that has been there recently. So until Boxing Day anyone visiting us will have to park on the road and walk down a narrow path on the left side of the driveway. I am open Friday and Saturday but will then close until Friday 27th. We are still around if you need something, so just give us a call and we'll open up.
Thank you for your business over the last year, we appreciate it and seeing what you have done.
We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Dianne and Colin

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Cracker Snaps

It is that time of year once again. Why not make your own christmas crackers this year - then you can choose what goes in them. You are sure to make much better ones than you can buy. Have the kids make their own party hats, find some small items to go in (you can even personalise them for the recipient) and then make the crackers. Once again the kids could decorate them or you can go to town and make really fancy ones for little cost. The cracker snaps just add that professional 'bang' you need.
Our cracker snaps are 10 for NZ$3. Call in and get them soon.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Retro Clean and Lite Fusible Alternatives

I have just received in a new shipment of items which included some RetroClean. This product is wonderful for using with vintage fabrics such as doyleys and tables cloths to get them looking brand new again.
Just soak for 48 hours, preferably in the sunlight, and you will be surprised by how clean your fabrics become.Recommended by Cindy Needham when she taught here in Palmerston North back in May 2013. Comes in 1lb package for NZ$30 and 110gram packets for NZ$10. Why not try some?
Also in the parcel were some alternative lite fusibles since we cannot get the Steam-A-Seam Lite at this time due to production problems. Try this replacement for the 1/4" Steam-A-Seam tape - it has the same tacky quality, peel off the paper backing and fuse into place. NZ$11 for 40 yards

In the larger sized pieces we have Pellon Lite EZ Steam 11. These sheets are 12" x 9" for NZ$2.40 each. Peel one side of the paper backing off and press to your fabrics reverse side. Is tacky so will stay until you fuse. Cut out shape and peel off remaining paper backing and lay in place before ironing to fuse in place.
Pellon is a well known brand here. I have made up some samples so you can see what it does and how it feels.
Also available is some Soft Fuse Premium. Available in 8" x 9" sheets NZ$2.20 each
Come in and see the samples and check out what you might like to stitch with.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Japanese Fabric & Panels

I haven't blogged the last few weeks as it has been busy with the Shop Hop which has now finished. Thank you to all who participated and especially thank you to those who bought my design and finishing kit. One of the shop hoppers brought her finished quilt from 2 years ago and it was beautiful with lots of machine quilting over it. She said she had done a lot more machine quilting since I inspired her after this quilt. Well done. It is really something special to know that I have helped someone else along the road to wonderful machine quilting. To me - quilting makes the quilt.
In the last week there have been some stunning Japanese fabrics and panels arrive in store.
Check out these gorgeous designs
This Marbella design is a 60cm wide panel NZ$28.20
This rich blue design with metallic gold goes with the panel above beautifully NZ$28.20pm
And this is the gorgeous border print to match NZ$28.20pm
This panel is Tadashi NZ$26.90. Again 60cm wide
With a beautiful allover pattern NZ$26.90pm
And this stunning large flower fabric - the flowers are around 20-25cm across. NZ$26.90pm
This fabric is a very black background with metallic gold shapes all over it. Ideal for blending with any of the above fabrics.
This panel is from a range called Kabuki NZ$28.20 60cm panel
The ladies in this all over Kabuki fabric are between 25-30cm tall. Stunning fabric NZ$28.20pm
It is interesting how a lot of the Japanese style fabrics we have can all blend and work together. Even though the ranges are from different companies the colours are similar enough to work well together.
See what you can make with these gorgeous fabrics.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Open Saturday till 4pm

Shop Hop starts in 1 day on Saturday. For the next 4 Saturdays until November 17th I will be open until 4pm on Saturdays. Do call in if you need anything or would like to look around. You do not need to be part of the shop hop.
I am looking forward to the shop hop as we gets lots of visitors. I have made up all my kits and have some spare if anyone wants to purchase the blocks and can make up a finishing kit as well. Depends whether you want to make up the large full size quilt, almost 2m or whether you want to make it up to the first border about 1.5m.
Looking forward to seeing you.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Patchwork Pattern

I have just printed a new pattern. I have collaborated with a graphic designer (Mitch Manuel) to use his designs in patchwork and applique. Mitch designs lots of patterns using the Koru and Kowhaiwhai as inspiration. This is the first pattern in our collaboration which we are calling Down Under Designs.
This first pattern is Star Flowers
 It is really simple to make as it is one piece of fabric for the background and the black shapes are appliqued over this fabric. How you place them creates the pattern of flowers and stars. I had fun quilting a lot in the design but it could be quilted quite simply with straight lines and it would still look very effective. Audition several fabrics for your backgrounds to see what you like best. I chose a batik that was very multi coloured.
The pattern is now available for NZ$15

Monday, September 30, 2013

Patchwork Books

I have received lots of lovely new patchwork books in this last week. Getting ready for being a merchant at Rangitikei Country Quilters Exhibition this weekend at Marton. Hopefully see some of you there?
 I love Patsy Thompson's machine quilting DVD's and here is a book from her. Love the hyperquilting technique of over stitching your quilting in another colour to emphasise the pattern. NZ$40
 Fill'er Up by Renae Haddadin is another machine quilting book. Renae does focus more on using a long arm machine but you can learn for domestic machines as well. Renae has quilted some stunning designs, check them out.NZ$47
In The Studio with Angela Walters - Angela has been machine quilting a lot of modern style quilts. Check out her book  and designs.
 Make Your First Quilt - a lovely book to get you started.NZ$35
Dual Image Applique - I love the ideas in this book. Create 2 designs from one piece of fabric which you carefully cut and then fuse into place. You need to see this book to understand what wonderful quilts you can create.NZ$52
 Sue Spargo's patterns are lovely. Check out the beautiful wool applique and embroidery on this quilt. NZ$42
 Best of Fons & Parters Tips and Techniques is a great book for getting ideas. I got this book in a month back and it sold out straight away. Read some of these tips and use them yourself. Also some quilt patterns included. NZ$55
Yoko Saito does some lovely woolwork. NZ61
 Colour in Art Quilts has lots of good info about making art quilts. A really good read. NZ$53
 Streaks of Batiks - love working with Batik fabrics. Check out some of the striped designs. NZ$42
Best Ever Applique Sampler from Piece O Cake Designs has some very fresh looking designs, clearly explaining how all the applique is done NZ$55
If you'd like to see any of these call in to the shop, if you want to mail order them, email or phoneme. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Children's Fabrics New In Store

I just love it when new fabrics arrive in store. Well that is generally once a week so I have fun opening these parcels. This arrived last week . Panel for boys (or girls who like action toys)
And I love this one - for all Pooh fans out there ...
Pooh and friends playing hide 'n seek. Both panels NZ$24.80 each. 90cm x 115cm
And a matching fabric for this one
NZ$24.80 per metre.
Love these owls - oops they're upside down and I cannot figure out how to right them in blogger. At least you can see how cute they are. And these lovely co-ordinates that go with them.
Lovely blue chevron and these lovely little spot fabrics...

I am sure none of these will last long.
Do call in and check them out.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

2013 Shop Hop

The 2013 Quilters Friend Shop Hop is now gearing up and registrations are open. Each of the quilts from the 5 shops involved - Village Books & Crafts, Palmerston North; Crafty Pear, Pahiatua; Quilters Lane, Masterton; Sawmillers Quiltery, Te Marua, Upper Hutt; Cherry Pie Bernina, Levin - are now travelling around each of the shops so you can see them 'in the flesh' so to speak. Rather than just relying on photos we are sending each quilt to each shop for a week. I received the quilt from Cherry Pie and have had this on display over the last week and from Monday 2nd we send them on again so next weekend 5-7th I will have Sawmillers' quilt on show. Do call in view this if you can.
Just in case you are not sure what a shop hop is - you pay a registration fee of NZ$45 (at any of the above shops) and choose which quilt and colourway you prefer. As you visit each of the 5 stores listed above from October 26th through to November 17th you collect your fabric pack (generally to make 2 blocks) from each shop. You will then have 10 blocks to make up a quilt of your own or you can purchase a finishing kit of the quilt of your choice to complete the quilt as the original one was made. Why not make up a party and share a car to travel around each of the shops, have a little fun along the way. You get 10% off your purchases if you spend more than NZ$11 and produce your Shop Hop passport, and each shop has some specials for you. Also get your Shop Hop passport stamped at each store and go in the draw to win one of 5 gift baskets - yay!
If you want to view all 5 quilts check out the website - or call in see - we have photos of each quilt and samples of fabrics used at each store.
Here is my quilt for this year - it may seem a lot of work but you can always ask me for options - the quilt can be made smaller and leave out the outside round, or you can use just black for the inner triangles to set the quilt on point (not so much piecing then) or just black around the outside border and maybe more applique. Just ask and I'll see what we can do   "Autumn Leaves"
I did a lot of quilting on mine because I see them as a way to practice machine quilting. You do not have to do this or be so intricate with your machine quilting. I will be offering the choice of purchasing a Quilting Instruction pack with all my designs as an extra if you would like to have a go. If not, simple straight line quilting will be fine.
Contact me if you would like to register for the Shop Hop or if you cannot do the Shop Hop but would like to make the quilt please call me for a price on the complete kit.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Patchwork & Craft Classes 4th Term 2013

Hi everyone,
Below is a list of the classes I will be running for the remainder of this year
Machine Quilting
Tuesday 17 Sept and/or Thursday 10 Oct 7pm - 9pm  NZ$15 each night
Would you like to improve your machine quilting skills? You have the basics but need practice, come along on one or both nights and Dianne will guide you on your quilting journey.
Chevron Quilt
Sunday 22 Sept 10am - 4pm NZ$40
Dianne has found 6 different methods for putting together a Chevron Quilt. This style is all the rage in the US at present, why not try it out for yourself? She will show you all 6 methods, you choose the one you want to make your quilt with (or try out all 6) and Dianne will show you how to create a very modern style quilt.
Above are two different styles of chevrons

Using Gel Mediums
Tuesday 8 Oct 7pm - 9pm NZ$15
Dianne will show you how to use Gel Mediums with fabric. It can be used in mixed media styles and contemporary patchwork, you can make gel transfers on fabric and stitch through it. Dianne will show you several ways this will work with fabric. Call in and see some samples
This one is using butter muslin with texture gels and then hand painting
This is an image from a magazine that I have covered with gel medium and made into something like a decal.

Modern Christmas Tree Quilt or Runner
Wednesday 16 Oct 7pm - 9:30pm NZ$20
Dianne has created a modern and easy to sew Christmas Tree pattern that can be used for table runners, placemats, quilts etc. Whilst Dianne made hers using all white as a background you could use different colours for the backgrounds.

Scrap Sensations
Sunday 20 Oct 10am - 4pm NZ$40
Make a quilt like Dianne's Kea. You use scrappy pieces of fabric on a calico base. If you make a small scale picture in class you will finish it quicker than making a larger piece. You can create almost anything using this method

Psychedelic Splash Whale Quilt
Sunday November 3, 10am - 3pm NZ$35
Dianne has designed this fun children's quilt (or adults if you love whales) using raw edge piecing so it goes together very quickly and only uses 2 fabrics (but you can use more) It is so quick to put together you will start quilting this on the day.

Come in and see me, or phone or email for more info on any of the classes.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I (Heart) Paper magazine

Did you know that Cloth Paper Scissors put out a new magazine this month - I (Heart) Paper.
This has some lovely projects in it -
I love folding paper book pages to make shapes and these look fun.
Full instructions on how to make these items are in the magazine. NZ$26
Give me a call and I can send a copy to you or call in and check them out. I love quilting with paper as well. Have you tried it?

New Patchwork Fabrics

Hi everyone,
I have had some lovely new patchwork fabrics arrive in store in the past month and I ma going to share some of them with you.
It is always hard to photograph white on white fabrics properly. This one has an allover vine style pattern and is one of 3 that just arrived in store at only NZ$21 per metre
This one came out better but the last one didn't, it has a tile style pattern on it which you can only just see on the right hand side.

Winter Wonderland is a new range from Jason Yenter of In The Beginning Fabrics. I love this border fabric.
With 4 repeats across the fabric you can buy the length you require and make lovely borders or maybe a row by row style?? NZ$28 per metre
This is the allover design that goes with the border.
This is Razz from Kona Bay NZ$28. Love the rich green and purple shades in this

The border fabric could also be used in blocks.
And then there is this lovely purple blender to go with the above 2.

Another music inspired fabric. This is All That Jazz NZ$30.80 per metre. Love the rich red background.

Animal Alphabet for the children. This bright fabric is part of the range where we have an "A is for" panel
and the allover yellow stripe goes beautifully, only NZ$27.10 per metre
This next one from Mellow Yellow is good with black and white highlighted with yellow. 
 As it is August and time to think about making some Christmas quilts - here are 2 gorgeous fabrics for Christmas 

These are from the Art Nouveau Christmas range NZ$26.80 per metre. The bottom one is not christmassy at all so can be used all year around. Lovely tomato red background.
Come and visit in store if you can otherwise we are happy to accept mail order.