Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Patchwork Fabrics

Hi everyone,
I have had some lovely new patchwork fabrics arrive in store in the past month and I ma going to share some of them with you.
It is always hard to photograph white on white fabrics properly. This one has an allover vine style pattern and is one of 3 that just arrived in store at only NZ$21 per metre
This one came out better but the last one didn't, it has a tile style pattern on it which you can only just see on the right hand side.

Winter Wonderland is a new range from Jason Yenter of In The Beginning Fabrics. I love this border fabric.
With 4 repeats across the fabric you can buy the length you require and make lovely borders or maybe a row by row style?? NZ$28 per metre
This is the allover design that goes with the border.
This is Razz from Kona Bay NZ$28. Love the rich green and purple shades in this

The border fabric could also be used in blocks.
And then there is this lovely purple blender to go with the above 2.

Another music inspired fabric. This is All That Jazz NZ$30.80 per metre. Love the rich red background.

Animal Alphabet for the children. This bright fabric is part of the range where we have an "A is for" panel
and the allover yellow stripe goes beautifully, only NZ$27.10 per metre
This next one from Mellow Yellow is good with black and white highlighted with yellow. 
 As it is August and time to think about making some Christmas quilts - here are 2 gorgeous fabrics for Christmas 

These are from the Art Nouveau Christmas range NZ$26.80 per metre. The bottom one is not christmassy at all so can be used all year around. Lovely tomato red background.
Come and visit in store if you can otherwise we are happy to accept mail order. 

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