Sunday, November 17, 2013

Japanese Fabric & Panels

I haven't blogged the last few weeks as it has been busy with the Shop Hop which has now finished. Thank you to all who participated and especially thank you to those who bought my design and finishing kit. One of the shop hoppers brought her finished quilt from 2 years ago and it was beautiful with lots of machine quilting over it. She said she had done a lot more machine quilting since I inspired her after this quilt. Well done. It is really something special to know that I have helped someone else along the road to wonderful machine quilting. To me - quilting makes the quilt.
In the last week there have been some stunning Japanese fabrics and panels arrive in store.
Check out these gorgeous designs
This Marbella design is a 60cm wide panel NZ$28.20
This rich blue design with metallic gold goes with the panel above beautifully NZ$28.20pm
And this is the gorgeous border print to match NZ$28.20pm
This panel is Tadashi NZ$26.90. Again 60cm wide
With a beautiful allover pattern NZ$26.90pm
And this stunning large flower fabric - the flowers are around 20-25cm across. NZ$26.90pm
This fabric is a very black background with metallic gold shapes all over it. Ideal for blending with any of the above fabrics.
This panel is from a range called Kabuki NZ$28.20 60cm panel
The ladies in this all over Kabuki fabric are between 25-30cm tall. Stunning fabric NZ$28.20pm
It is interesting how a lot of the Japanese style fabrics we have can all blend and work together. Even though the ranges are from different companies the colours are similar enough to work well together.
See what you can make with these gorgeous fabrics.