Monday, February 25, 2013

Interesting Fabrics Arrived In Store

There have been some interesting new fabrics arrive in store just recently - here are a couple
I love this bold modern fabric that arrived in yesterday. Straw Daisy NZ$27.50pm. Black, tan and cream always looks lovely. Have fun making something from this one. A customer in yesterday said a skirt would look wonderful, I agree!!

This bold and bright Jane Sassaman fabric is one of the fabrics featured in her new book Patchwork Sassaman Style. I love this book. It has very simple pieced blocks but the effect is stunning. All in how you cut your fabric and when you have fabrics like this how can you fail to not have stunnning pieces of work. NZ$22pm

This is a lovely Swirl fabric in black, grey and white. NZ$27.40pm
Another from the same range, this looks really fresh in soft grey and white.

And this soft turquoise and white.
Do call in and check them out or you can email me for an order.
Happy quilting and patchwork

New Extra Wide Backing Fabrics

I have just had some new extra wide backing fabrics arrive in store. These fabrics are all 2.8m wide and they are lovely. You can use them on the front of your quilts as well as the backs. Check out these designs -
This lovely red with blue swirl is a slightly Japanese looking backer. NZ$31.30pm
This navy with tan design is also Japanese style. NZ$31.30pm
This looks rather orange but it is a nice deep red allover design NZ$24.80pm
Another with the same allover design this beautiful deep turquoise colour is so rich. NZ$24.80pm
And this black and grey version of the same allover pattern. NZ$24.80pm

A very useful black with a white spot NZ$26.95pm
I find these extra wide fabrics to be very useful expecially for backing as you do not need to have any joins, makes life easier. But they also do work well for the front of a quilt. I used some in my last years Shop Hop Quilt, especially good for borders as you can cut one single piece without a join.
Check them out today or order online.