Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wonderful New Quilting Books in Store

We have had some wonderful new quilting books arrive in store direct from the US. Check these out -
The Art Quilt Collection NZ$50
This features a variety of quilt artists and several of their quilts. Ideal to sit and look at to get inspiration. Some techniques are explained so you can try them yourself. Beautiful colour photos all through to inspire you.
Masters Art Quilts Vol 2 NZ$50
I loved Volume 1 and Volume 2 is just as good. A coffee table book - pictures but no techniques, it is great to inspire you to try something or to get colour/pattern ideas from. The pictures of the quilts are beautiful and sometimes you have to just keep looking, or look at a quarter of the book thenout it down so you can absorb what you have seen without overlaoding ideas. A good variety of styles of quilts from several different quilters.

Quilt National 2011 NZ$50
Quilt National is run every 2 years and features very Contemporary Quilts. This book is very tempting and thought provoking. You see a large variety of different styles of quilts that break out from the traditional and stretch boundaries, some you like and some you don't. You need to see them all to discover your style. Another coffee table style book in that it doesn't offer techniques but when you get to making contemporary quilts ideas are what you need and you can absorb so many different styles before coming up with your own.

Quilts With Attitude  Special Price Only NZ$30
This book was such good value, I had to order it in. If you like making foundation pieced designs, especially spiky ones like New York Beauty style, then this book is for you. The books gives you several different patterns and styles to create and sets them all out in an easy to follow fashion.  Check this one out.

Quilt Mavens - Perfect Paper Piecing NZ$30 Special Price Also by the same author as Quilts With Attitude this is another book about foundation piecing and how you can create those fabulous looking spiky designs and curves so easily. Another great buy that I couldn't turn down. Take advantage of these great prices.

I personally prefer to do my foundation piecing using a lightweight sew-in vilene which is only around $3 per metre. You draw your designs on it, sew them adn leave it in. I cannot be bothered pulling out paper so this is ideal, the lightweight of the vilene is such that you do not need to remove it and can quilt through it no problem.
Orange Peel - NZ$45
I really like the books from the US contest New Quilts from an Old Favorite. A particular block is suggested each time and contestants come up with some fabulous versions. This book is no exception. Amazing what you can do with a basic block such as Orange Peel, how this was manipulated to achieve such different looks.

Quilting Line & Colour NZ$50
This book features some very different work by Yoshiko who gets you to think about using line (design wise) and colour (from oyur fabrics) in quite a different way. Her designs are very striking.
$5 discount off this book to the first person in to say you saw it on this blog.
More books on their way from the US so keep an eye on the blog.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wine Country Quilt Show

Does your time just disappear, mine does. I don't know where it goes but certainly I could do with more. But they do say a busy person finds time for lots of things. I just need to remember to write in the blog more regularly.
I was a merchant at the Wine Country Quilt Show end of March. It was held at Pukeora Estate just before Waipukurau. This is the old TB hospital on top of the hill just before you get into Waipukurau which has lovely views. On the Saturday morning we woke to a heavy fog/mist which stayed around until about 10am. Here is a shot of it from my merchant stall with the tops of the trees just poling above it. It turned into a beautiful day after this.
I love the misty look, don't you. Hidden below were vineyards, the river and farmlands. Here is a shot of my merchant stall. I had paid for a lovely big space (check out the view from the windows) and there was lots of people coming through. Thank you to the organisers for a lovely weekend.
Specials - I still have some of the Olfa 45mm blades at only $10 each, I brought in more as they are popular. AND I have the inkjet printable cotton at only NZ$3.50 per sheet now or NZ$33 packet of 10.
Next blog will have all the lovely book specials I have - some lovely craftbooks at great prices.