Wednesday, August 15, 2018

More Fabric Strip Club Quilts

I have been busy and made 2 new Fabric Strip Club Quilts.
This one was for July - I made it using a 1 1/2" strip roll and wove it closely together, then used fancy stitches on my machine to stitch over the raw edges.
Something a little different, yet so easy to do. And below is another one I made using the same technique but using 2 1/2" strips that I turned under the edges of, then wove leaving a gap between -
Different yet still similar. Had fun making both of those.

August's version is below - uses a 40 strip roll of half light and half dark based with only 55cm of background. What do you think of this?
Patterns for both are now available for only $8 each. Full instructions with each. Fabric rolls are also available for each if anyone is interested.
Now thinking about what I can create for the next one.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fabric Strip Club This Saturday

Saturday 14th July is the next Fabric Strip Club. From 8:30am until 10am you can call in and get a demo on the techniques I used to make this months Strip Quilt. I have had fun and used long strips this time. Very happy with the 2 quilts I have made. Do call in and check them out. This techniques means you can create a quilt in no time at all. I will post photos next week.
Here is a photo of last months quilt - I used Music fabrics and a black homespun that I stamped with metallic gold designs using a carved wooden stamp from the Trade Aid Store.
Patterns are still available for all previous Fabric Strip Club quilts. Remember if you call in on the Saturday morning to see the demos at 8:30am , 9am and 9:30am you get a special price of only $6 on the patterns and 10% off any purchases you make that morning.
Look forward to seeing you

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Shop Hop Quilts 2018

Shop Hop is on again in August this year. There are 9 shops participating - you choose the fabric selection you want to collect, pay the registration fee of NZ$45 and in August you visit each of the shops to collect a part of the pattern and one or two of the 15 fat eighth's for your collection. Whether you just collect the fabric to use or make the chosen quilt is up to you. You can collect more than one fabric selection, just pay each registration. You can register at any of the 9 shops, just specify your chosen fabric selection on the registration form. Here are some of the quilts -
Mine is made using a variety which I called Eclectic Bright Mix.
A little bit of everything especially chosen to make this quilt, yet useful for many others. And here is my quilt -
I am very happy with the way this quilt turned out. I decided to use a collection of black, white and grey, mostly texts and a couple of 'brick' patterns for the background. It really helps to pop my appliques and piecing.
Here are some of the other quilts
Amiees Homesstead Quilts version
Angels in Gumboots version
Busy Bee Quilt Shop's version
Cherry Pie Bernina's version

Quilter's Lane made 2 versions - a pieced and an appliqued
Still 3 to come, will post those as soon as I have them. Do call in and see the quilts in each store if you want and collect a registration.

April's Fabric Strip Club Quilt

I just realised that I had not posted a picture of April's Fabric Strip Club Quilt.
For this one I chose a fabric which I wanted to use in the border and then pulled the colours from that.  A little different as it only had grey, chartreuse and ivory, but I was very happy with the way it turned out.
Those little pops of colour came from the fact that I used some Alison Glass fabrics and in the range I had a couple of these bright purple pink colours and felt that maybe I might need that little pop.I am very pleased with this quilt. The pattern is now available for NZ$8 and I also have a Fabric roll precut for this range - only 20 fabrics in the roll.

As well as this one I also made a sample using some Kaffe Fassett fabrics just to show how different you could be, and also played around with the layout too - what do you think of these?

A few of the variations you can achieve using this pattern. And doesn't the fabric really change the look of the pattern.  Hope you like it .

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fabric Strip Club

Once again it is Fabric Strip Club this Saturday 14th April. 8:30am - 10am.
Come along and I will demonstrate the techniques used to make this lovely quilt - in fact I made 2 quilts this time, quite different looking so you can see how versatile this pattern is. Very easy to make as well.
If you decide to purchase anything whilst you are here then you will receive 10% off the total purchase price. Patterns are a special "Strip Club" price of $6. See what you can make using 2 1/2" wide strips of patchwork fabric. Will show the quilt(s) after Saturday so you can see what I am talking about. Scroll below to an earlier post to see what I did for club #1 & #2.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Blue Bayou Quilt Class

I have a couple of vacancies in the Blue Bayou Quilt class on Sunday 15th April. Just give me a call and I can send you the needs list. Picture of the quilt below -
This is a simple quilt to put together the basics, creating a "stained glass" effect, but then you cut into the pattern and create a new section. This is a little more challenging but that is the reason you come to class, so I can help you along the journey. Look at making your own version, can be any colour choice you like.

Fabric Strip Club #3

Fabric Strip Club #3 is coming up in a couple of weeks - Saturday 14th April.
I am busy working on creating a new design and very happy with the way it is going together. Have cut the fabrics and sewn most of them into blocks, now to put them together. This time I picked the border fabric and then picked the roll fabrics from the colours in this border.
Thought you might like to see the quilt I made from the blue/green/purple roll from #2
Although it looks like it is sewn on point, it is not, all straight cut and sewn blocks.So reminds me of a tile floor, which is why I called it Persian Tiles.
Why not look at coming along from 8:30am on Saturday 14th April to see the techniques used to put the next quilt together and to see the "great" unveiling of the quilt top. Fabric rolls will be available for sale, along with the patterns (patterns are at a reduced rate for that day - only $6 each) and anything you purchase on the day will attract a 10% discount. Plus a couple of giveaways as well.
Look forward to seeing you there.