Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Hollis class photos

Here is another photo from Hollis' class this time painting hands. Gee they look so sunburnt, but wait till the end.
With the background painted in. Now to batch overnight then wash and rinse excess dye out.
What a difference with the excess colour washed out, now looks more natural.
I have now finished quilting this.
I have also been working on designing and quilting my entry for Symposium in Taupo. Just sent off the photos for entry yesterday so keep my fingers crossed, it gets accepted. I don't think I should show it until it has been through judging - hard to know.
Wishing everyone a Happy Easter. I will be closed Friday, Sunday and Monday but will be open Saturday morning.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hollis Chatelain Class

A couple of weeks ago I attended a 5 day class with Hollis Chatelain in Auckland. 6 of us from Rose City Quilters went up to join with 14 others, 2 from Australia, to particiapte in learning how to dyepaint on fabric. I have done some dyepainting before but this was detailed painterly style so it was good to attend and find out more about how to achieve such wonderful work. Hollis is from the USA. Her work is absolutely amazing, check out her website hollisart.com.
We started by drawing our chosen designs onto pretreated cotton fabric and then made up some thickened dyes and started to paint.
After painting portions we had to cover them with plastic so they didn't dry out. Here is the finished product just painted.
And here is the same piece after washing - see how much colour has come out. You have to judge how dark to paint the picture because you loose 2-3 shades after washing. This will require much practice to judge.
I have just finished quilting him so here is the almost finished quilted painting
and a couple of details
Anyone who knows my cat Tiger will recognise his eyes. I am very pleased with what I did but it will take lots of practice to get anywhere near as good as Hollis.
If you ever get a chance to take classes like this I recommend it. We are always learning, no matter how much we already know. Keep absorbing and challenging yourselves.
Go for it and don't worry if it doesn't turn out perfect first time, you'll get better.
Anyone wanting the dyes and thickening agents call in and see me or email for details. I do stock the Procion dyes, fabrics, soda ash, Teric (Syntrhapol), brushes etc.
Got to go and open up the studio now.