Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thread Painting

Since I am online today and have a few spare minutes I decided to show you an upcoming class project. I have been asked to teach a class in Thread Painting so I thought I would start with something small and easy for students to follow and have made this small piece using a wonderful Art Nouveau fabric. By featuring the beautiful lady with her flowing gown in the centre of a toning fabric I have accentuated the colours. I did toss up whether to put her on plain blue or black but decided this fabric suited better. Then I have stitched (free motion on my Bernina 440) the gown. I chose 3 colours and followed the movement of the gown to emphasise it. Hope you like this. There are 3 more ladies on the fabric and I am stitching all of them in a similar manner. I will show them once all are finished.
And here is a close up of the fabric before stitching.

And after stitching, see the extra detail
I hope you enjoyed seeing these items. I'd love to hear what you think of them so please post a comment.

Landscape & novelty fabrics

A few more fabrics that have arrived in store are these lovely landscape fabrics. The sky fabric (NZ$27.50 pm) is really nice, a lovely shade of blue and has great cloud patterns without being cartoony. The stones (NZ$26.05pm) are small and very useful size for many applique landscape projects..
There is also a lovely blue fabric (NZ$26.05pm) which I think looks like a stylised version of water reflections. Hope this isn't too dark to see well.

For the children there is a cute new Nursery Rhyme fabric NZ$27.50pm. It was easy to pick out several different Nursery Rhymes from the pictures. What a lovely feature fabric for a quilt or if you run out of time, buy an artists canvas (anything from $2 up) cover it with this beautiful fabric and staple at the back.
Hey Presto! instant gift.

I look forward to seeing you in store or ordering online.
We will be open over the CHristmas Holiday, closing only the statutory days (Dec 25 - 28 & Jan 1 - 4). Call in and see me. Hopefully you can have some time to yourself and create over this time. I hope to make a few new class samples and finish an entry for the Queenstown Symposium over this time. Here's crossing my fingers (and legs & toes) that I get them finished.

Christmas cards, gift bags & Cracker Snaps

The weather is wonderful at present with some days reaching 27 degrees, Christmas is just around the corner and things need to be done. I have had fun making some Christmas (and general) cards using fabric, fusible webbing and cardstock. I fuse the back of the fabric, cut out the designs and iron them onto the cardstock then use a Pigma pen to "pen stitch" around the designs for emphasis. I sell these in the shop for NZ$2 and they are quite popular. Here are some of the cards
You can make some very easily for yourself, or if you have no time, pop in and buy some from me.
While making the cards I was also thinking about gift bags. I played around with strong plain brown paper and fused some designs to those as well, making a variety of sizes of bag. Here are some designs -

Christmas Cracker Snaps
Would you like to make your own Christmas crackers and have something nice to put inside them. I sell the cracker snaps that give you the 'bang'. There are 10 snaps for NZ$3. They are so easy to make, I can show you how.
Yes, we have had some more new fabric arrive in store. This one is Mr Fix-It NZ$25.40 per metre.
This has 6 different border/row stripes featuring handyman tools and gardening implements. Each strip has a different background colour. Ideal to make a quilt for the man in your life. Could be a row by row quilt, easy peasy or could be used as a border or sashing stripe.

Some gorgeous Japanese inspired fabrics have also arrived in - the colours are so rich and the designs gorgeous.

Make a quilt, wall hanging, cover a canvas, make a cushion, ideal for bags and so much more. Have fun playing with them.
For the Flower Fairy lovers we have a new Flower Fairy Alphabet panel. Only $16 per panel (approx 60cm wide. You could make this into a wall hanging as is or cut them apart and make a lovely quilt.

And here is a close up of the fairies

Thanks for popping by and checking out what is new.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yummy Lime & Pink fabrics

I really like these 'yummy' new lime & pink fabrics. My fingers just itch to make something with them - maybe a handbag with the lime and pink floral fabric as the main part of the bag and either the stripe or the pink as a band around the top, then the lime inside.
The stripe actually is a different range of fabric but goes so well with these floral and tone-on-tone prints that I had to put them together.
NZ$27.35pm for the flora,pink & lime fabrics
NZ$25.70pm for the stripe

Another fun fabric that came in is this lovely dot/spot. Almost 70's style it could be teamed with lots of colours. NZ$27.20 p/m

And these lovely red, black and white poppies with their matching stripe. Very striking colours and lovely design. Poppies are always popular. Last year we had a similar poppy design in sepia colours and that sold very well. It may suit being made into clothing as well. NZ$25.70p/m

A couple of weeks ago I made this sewing caddy. It has heavy Lutradur inside to give it a bit of body but still offer flexibility. You can quilt through it no problem. I also used Flexiglass, a sewable plastic for the pockets inside.This is 1400mm wide and is NZ$8.95p/m. So easy to stitch through with a machine and it means you have see- through pockets, so easy to find things. Great for all types of caddies and pockets. Why not buy some and try it out for yourself?

Come and visit me in the studio or email (or write/phone) me if you are interested in anything. I'd love to hear from you

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Quilts

One of my customers was in recently mentioning that the 'in' colours for Christmas this year in London were "Red & White'. As I had just received in some wonderful red fabrics I decided to create something fun for Christmas. I drew up a 'brush stroke' Christmas tree and translated that into fabric. I used a fused fat quarter to cut out the Christmas Tree, very carefully, so I got a positive and a negative shape. Therefore I was able to make 2 quilts. Here they are -
This was the first one to which I added a star, a pot and a border. Doesn't it look 'fresh' and lovely.
Then I used the fat quarter from which I had cut the tree shape to make a second tree quilt as below, still need to add a few finishing details to this one.

I hope to have the pattern for this Tree Quilt available within the next week and I can make up kits as well.
Give me an email if you are interested. Feel free to make a comment

Sunday, November 14, 2010

NZ Fern Quilt

A couple of weeks ago I decided to design a quilt using NZ fabrics and my representation of a fern design to showcase these fabrics. Of course, you can use any fabrics you like, it would look great with batiks and autumn fabrics. Once I got the shape right I cut it out of paper and laid this down on the floor to check it out then I traced the leaf designs onto Vliesofix and fused them. After cutting out I laid them on the background fabric and ironed them into place. I made a bias strip for the stem and fused that into place also. Whilst I use fusible raw edge you can use needle turn applique methods as well. For me to achieve something relatively quickly I have to fuse it, I do not have enough hours in my day to hand applique :)
Here is the photo of the quilt
I chose to lay these fabrics onto a black background because I like the way it makes the colours stand out and also - it is our national colour!!
You could try it on any other colour as well and it could be done in light as well. I did spend quite a bit of time deciding on the border and wasn't sure whether to lay the strips horizontally or vertically around the edge. Here is a photo showing them laid out for me to decide. You can choose which you prefer, I give the options in the pattern. I sell this as a pattern NZ$15, a part kit which has pattern and NZ fabrics NZ$36.50 and a kit which has the pattern, background fabric and NZ fabrics NZ$50.

I do not like to applique around the shapes before I quilt as I feel I am stitching over the same area twice so I prefer to "appliquilt" (applique and quilt) at the same time. So once I have fused all the shapes into place and the quilt top is ready for quilting I baste it and then I machine stitch (I am a machine girl at heart) around the appliques which quilts it at the same time. I choose from a variety of stitches - straight stitch (sometimes I go around a shape 2 or 3 times, like a line drawing), buttonhole or satin stitch, than I stitch around each shape to anchor it in place then I decide what sort of quilting I want for the background. This could be something as simple as straight stitching either horizontally or vertically across the quilt (across everything), stippling, free motion quilting leaves allover or echo quilting. Sometimes I take a photo and print this out and then lay a piece of plastic over the top and using a black felt pen mark designs on it. This means I can see what sort of quilting I prefer without having touched the quilt.
You can order the pattern or kit from me via email.

Quilt Show & New Magazines In

The last weekend in October I travelled up to New Plymouth to be a merchant at the quilt show and I had a lovely weekend. The last 2 times I had visited New Plymouth I didn't see the mountain at all but this time the weather was beautiful and sunny and I saw the mountain each day, in all its glory, still a little snow on top and one day was very chilly despite the sunshine.Here's a photo of the mountain from the terrace at Erin's place, where I stayed. Thanks for looking after me so well Erin, it was a great weekend to catch up with you.
Above is also a shot of my stand at the quilt show. Thanks to all who visited the show and my stand. Some lovely quilts on display and one landscape from a class I taught there. Ursula, you did a lovely job on that quilt.
Some NEW MAGAZINES in store this week are :
Quilt Life October '10 issue NZ$15                         

And Quilters Home Oct/Nov 10 NZ$17

I have 2 books in at a SPECIAL price (1 only of each)
Stash Busters by Lynne Edwards only $32       A great way to use up scraps and fabrics in your                 stash              
Art Deco Dolls only $28, great collection of dolls from the Art Deco era, very inspiring.
I love these 2 new fabrics - the chocloate brown with a cream swirl and then the teal colour with the chocolate swirl go so well together and are very in colours. Think of the quilts you could make using these. NZ$26 per metre.
The 2 fabrics below are bright lime green and a red. They are on special at only NZ$18 per metre. Be in quick they won't last long at this price.
That's all for now, it has taken me a week to get this far. Check out the next post, I am writing it as soon as I post this one. I have designed a couple of new quilts, one featuring NZ fabrics. Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Fabric, Weeks 2 & 3, Oct, 2010

The last 2 weeks have passed by so quickly. I went up to Inglewood, near New Plymouth, last week to teach a "Playdays" class. In this class students 'play' with Lutradur, Tyvek, Evolon, Copper Shim & painted fusibles. I had 17 eager ladies in the class having fun playing with these different items and learning how they work. Thank you ladies for a wonderful day inside, the weather wasn't too good outside so it was a great day to play.
This weekend just gone I was a merchant at the Feilding Kowhai Quilters exhibition which was held in the Old Coach House Museum in Feilding. This was a wonderful venue as the quilts were draped over and around all these lovely old carts, drays, buggies etc. The quilts suited being in this atmosphere and gave plenty for all to look at, including the husbands. Well done ladies, your show was great.
Putting all the fabric back takes a while but it's all done now.
New fabrics have arrived today, it is soooo much fun opening the parcels to see what is inside.
This fabric range is DeJaVu by Paula Nadelstern.
Beautiful stripes and allover patterns which can be used as they are or cut and pieced into kaleidoscope patterns. These fabrics are NZ$25.80per metre

The fabrics below are from Nancy Halvorsen's Tidings Christmas range NZ$26.30 per metre.
The lovely collection of blenders, stripes, swirls & dots all look so lovely together

This lovely stripe fabric is in chocolate & lime. NZ$28.40 per metre

Teatime Fairies NZ$26.80 per metre and the Fairy Panel (60cm wide) $16.10
Here is the panel and a close up of the panel featuring these gorgeous little fairies and cupcakes. Below is the matching fabrics featuring the fairies and cupcakes.

And lastly there is Rugby Fabric for the boys in your family. This range is designed in New Zealand and has a panel 60cm wide for NZ$13 and and allover fabric of rugby NZ$21.60 per metre.

That's the latest in store.
Think of what you could make with these fabrics and find the time (yeah right) to create something unique for your family.
Little girls will love a quilt or wall-hanging, bags or journal covers from the Teatime Fairies range and little boys will love a quilt or wall-hanging from the rugby fabrics.
Make some Christmas items now from the Nancy Halvorsen range - placemats, table runners, Christmas stockings, quilts, wall-hangings, decorations, recipe book/journal covers and much much more.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fabric & magazines Week 1, Oct 2010

Well, the last paper newsletter went out last week and I have had lots of people going on the email notification list. Thank you to all and thank you to those who are following this blog. It is much appreciated. I do hope to get time to look at your blogs also. Amazing where time goes!!
Here are some of the latest fabrics and magazines to arrive in store.
Last week one of my reps showed me 3 new Australian magazines that are going to come through. They are Felt, a magazine about Felting (of course), Embellish (beading, yarns etc) and Yarn (about knitting, crochet, spinning & felting). The first of these has just arrived in store, Yarn is now available. NZ$13.90 each. Felt is published twice a year and Embellish & Yarn are published 4 times a year. Lovely photos and full instructions for making items in each issue. Yarn features lots - Spinning Rain-drop Art Yarns, The History of Wool, Felted Modular Bag, Fingerless Gloves, Felted Snugboots, Pina Apple Hat, Sleeveless  Cardigan, Ogee Lace Stole, Energy Wave Wrap, Lollipop Beanie, a crocheted Cardigan or Vest and many more articles in general. Why not check out a copy now.
Then we have had these gorgeous fabrics arrive.
This lovely range of blue and white fabrics will make delicious fresh looking quilts, either as a blue and white quilt with a white background, to really pop the fabrics, or mixed in with other fabrics. NZ$26.60 per metre.

Then this beutiful large floral print has tempted me. It would be lovely as a skirt and stunning in a quilt, cushion or curtains. NZ$25.90 per metre. Think about having it as a large rectangle strippy style or maybe as large squares with other fabric blocks featured around it. Whatever you do with it I am sure it will be striking.
Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson's new magazine Quilt Life has just arrived in as well. NZ$17.90. The June 2010 issue features guidance on threads, When Embroidery IS the Quilt, Quilt Journey, the care and feeding of fabric, recipes, Eleanor Burns question & answer, the digital world, patterns for Pinwheen Party and Summer Night Sky.
Stitch magazine is a very interesting magazine as it emcpasses many things - embroidery, felting, patchwork, mixed media, etc. It is beautifully presented and easy to follow with clear instructions for the projects featured. NZ$18.40

I do so love the Quilting Arts magazine and Cloth Paper Scissors. These are the latest issues we have received. Featuring lots of mixed media, quilting and embroidery articles that produce something alittle different, they are so inspiring and well worth adding to your libraries.
Update on the quilts for Christchurch - I sent off 38 quilts a week ago (all donated) and over the last weekend members of Rose City Quilters had a charity sewing workday and we made 8 quilts with a few more to finish.What a lovely day we had.
Looking forward to hearing from you

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Craft Classes 4th term 2010

These are the craft classes running from October 2010: Contact Dianne by email or mail to book into any of these classes. If you cannot get to a class Dianne does make patterns for some of these classes.
Fabric Dyeing - Saturday 6th November 1:30pm - 4:30pm NZ$25 + $25 materials fee
Learn how to dye cotton fabrics in 6 shades of one colour, how to mix primary to make secondary colours & how to double dip.
Shoe Rack Quilt - Thursday 28 October 7pm - 9pm NZ$15
Dianne has made this fun quilt featuring shoes on a shoe rack. You can create your own 'designer' shoes. Dianne's quilts is 12" x 16" but you can make yours larger if you want. Lots of embellishing and a little quilting.

Jandal Quilt - Tuesday November 9th 7pm - 9pm  NZ$15
Dianne has created this fun quilt featuring Jandals (flip flops). You can create all different sorts of jandal straps to suit. Make a long narrow style quilt or a rectangular or square one,. your choice. Have fun embellishing., A little quilting involved.

Beginner Felting Saturday 13 November 9:30am - 4pm NZ$65
Nuno Felting Sunday 14 November 9:30am - 4pm NZ$65
Tracy White will come and teach you beginner felting on the Saturday and Nuno felting (adding sheers & silks to your felted wool) on the Sunday. Materials fee NZ$15

Playdays - Sunday 28 November 9:30am - 4pm NZ$40
Dianne will teach you a variety of different techniques used for mixed media work and patchwork. Items can include any of the following - Lutradur light & heavy, Tyvek, Burnaway fabric, Evolon, Disperse Paints, discharge dyeing, Xpandapaint etc. A time to 'play' and experiment with the more unusual items around. We spend about 1 hour per technique so you can see whether you want to play more.

Crazy Skyline Quilt - Tuesday 23 November 7pm - 9pm NZ$15 + $5 pattern fee
Dianne created this fun and easy fusible raw edge qpplique quilt a few years ago  and will show you how easy it is to make. You could theme it to a beach scene with beach huts if you prefer.

Creating With Muslin (Cheesecloth) - Thursday 25th November 7pm - 9pm NZ$15
Dianne has made some quilts recently using butter muslin to create the effect of waves rolling in to the beach. She will show you how you can create this look also.