Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yummy Lime & Pink fabrics

I really like these 'yummy' new lime & pink fabrics. My fingers just itch to make something with them - maybe a handbag with the lime and pink floral fabric as the main part of the bag and either the stripe or the pink as a band around the top, then the lime inside.
The stripe actually is a different range of fabric but goes so well with these floral and tone-on-tone prints that I had to put them together.
NZ$27.35pm for the flora,pink & lime fabrics
NZ$25.70pm for the stripe

Another fun fabric that came in is this lovely dot/spot. Almost 70's style it could be teamed with lots of colours. NZ$27.20 p/m

And these lovely red, black and white poppies with their matching stripe. Very striking colours and lovely design. Poppies are always popular. Last year we had a similar poppy design in sepia colours and that sold very well. It may suit being made into clothing as well. NZ$25.70p/m

A couple of weeks ago I made this sewing caddy. It has heavy Lutradur inside to give it a bit of body but still offer flexibility. You can quilt through it no problem. I also used Flexiglass, a sewable plastic for the pockets inside.This is 1400mm wide and is NZ$8.95p/m. So easy to stitch through with a machine and it means you have see- through pockets, so easy to find things. Great for all types of caddies and pockets. Why not buy some and try it out for yourself?

Come and visit me in the studio or email (or write/phone) me if you are interested in anything. I'd love to hear from you

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