Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Kaffe Fassett Fabrics and Others

I have had some new Kaffe Fassett fabrics arrive in store. I love these.

These are all NZ$28.80 per metre. I included these in a quick quilt top that I have made which I will show you soon.
This new range of digitally printed fabrics called Flying Sweetly from P&B  are really bright and interesting. Check them out NZ$29.90 per metre

I think these stripes would be really interesting cut as a square which you cut into quarters and resew. You'd get very interesting lines in the new square pieced block. Will try some and let you see a picture when I do it.
And now for some lovely big bright florals -
The first one is Bloom by Kanvas NZ$27.90 per metre

The middle one is a lovely Japanese floral called Sevenberry NZ$23.10 per metre and the big roses are another Kanvas fabric range NZ$27.90 per metre
Then in black and white there is this beautiful big floral Ink Blossom NZ$24.30 per metre
From Lonni Rossi there are a couple of really good blenders NZ$29.80 per metre

And then there are the fabric Specials that I have bought in at a very good price. Do come in and check out the selection of fabrics from NZ$15 - NZ$20 per metre. I'll photograph them and put them up next. Get in quick, at these prices they won't last long.