Friday, November 23, 2018

Fabric Strip Club

I thought I had better update the blog with photos of the last 2 Fabric Strip Club quilts I designed and made. For October I thought I would make something using a very traditional pattern with a modern twist so used hexagons made with fabric strips 2.5" in very Autumn colours.
The cat decided to get in and photo bomb this one. The border was made using all the leftover bits that were cut off when cutting the hexagons, so used everything.
Then for November I decided to make a Christmas Tree and had fun creating this very different tree. You get 2 quilts from making one set of fabric strips and you can choose from 2 versions - either using the positive and negative versions of the whole tree or split it down the middle and create an unusual version with half trees and the positive and negative, which is the version I chose to make.
As you can see, it is quite different yet fun. Now I have a second set of strips featuring the opposite sides which I can make into another quilt. For the one above I chose to quilt straight lines horizontally but with the next one I might try playing with feather quilting patterns to see how different it can look.
Patterns are now available for both for only $8 each.
The next Fabric Strip Club will be on 8th December starting at 8:30am with demo's of the techniques I use. Maybe I will see you there.