Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shop Hop Quilt 2013

It will soon be time for this years Shop Hop to take place (Oct). I have been hard at work designing my quilt as I wanted to show it at Tote & Gloat this year. There are only 5 shops this year since Clare sold her shop. There will be 5 blocks, you collect 10 blocks, 2 versions of each block and you can make your own quilt or you can choose to purchase the kit to complete the quilt that you prefer. Each of the 5 shops has their own colourway and design based on a medallion style quilt setting. It took me a while to make as I was designing as I went.
Here it is -
In the centre of the design it is a square shape which has been tilted by adding triangles to each side. This is so easy to do, no hard sewing, even though these are pieced triangle portions. I used 6 of the blocks in the centre portion of the medallion. They appear to be on point because of the tilting of the centre square.
Then I used the remaining 4 in the border - these are easier to set in than you think as all you need to do is add triangle to each side to make them a rectangle (so they are on point as in the centre) then sew the borders on either side. I have used some of my die cut shapes to fill in the background are a spaces, these will be included in the finishing kit. A very Autumn coloured quilt using a mixture of batiks and prints. Soon I hope to start the quilting on this. Call in to view it if you are thinking of doing the Shop Hop this year.

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