Sunday, May 26, 2013

Decorator Weight Cotton Fabrics

I now have in store some of the new decorator weight cottons. These are still 100% cotton but they are slightly heavier in weight and can be used for placemats, cushions, bags etc.
I made a tote bag using one of the fabrics which has 4 different prints across the width -
These photos show both sides of the tote bag. I used 50cm of the fabric (but could have made it less as the bag is a little floppy being that wide, probably 40-45cm would have been better). I cut the basic bag rectangle out of 3 designs across the fabric and the handles from the 4th design. I did line this with plain red homespun. This fabric is NZ$31.45 per metre
I love the design of this one, very abstract yet could be likened to an onion. Black and cream heavier weight cotton. NZ$34 per metre
These birds (oops sorry I got it upside down) are very cute, they are NZ$29.70 per metre
and last, but not least, this NZ design
These Pohutukawa flowers are NZ$25.70 per metre.
Why not try some fabric that has a little more body to it? Would make great cushions for outdoors as well.

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