Thursday, December 27, 2012

Open over Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I cannot believe how hot and muggy it was in Palmerston North with 30 and 31 degrees Christmas and Boxing Days. It is so draining being muggy but it was wonderful to have such wonderful weather for Christmas. As we have not gone away I am open over the holiday period, if you come on a day I normally close then knock on the back door and I am happy to open up for you. That is the beauty of working from home.
I did not win the Bernina 7 Deadly Sins challenge but my friend Sonja did, so well done to her. It is fun creating things for challenges. Sometimesw it can be hard coming up with ideas to start but once you do it is great. Rose City Quilters have a challenge for club members for Tote & Gloat, our one day event in May. This year it is "inspired by a paper napkin/serviette". So far I have found 6 napkin's which could tempt me. I usually let them sit and 'ferment' to see what comes into my mind and then consider what I would like to make.
Off to open up now and will come back later with some pictures of what you can do to make your own fabric using fabric felt pens.

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