Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Fabric Strip Club #3

Fabric Strip Club #3 is coming up in a couple of weeks - Saturday 14th April.
I am busy working on creating a new design and very happy with the way it is going together. Have cut the fabrics and sewn most of them into blocks, now to put them together. This time I picked the border fabric and then picked the roll fabrics from the colours in this border.
Thought you might like to see the quilt I made from the blue/green/purple roll from #2
Although it looks like it is sewn on point, it is not, all straight cut and sewn blocks.So reminds me of a tile floor, which is why I called it Persian Tiles.
Why not look at coming along from 8:30am on Saturday 14th April to see the techniques used to put the next quilt together and to see the "great" unveiling of the quilt top. Fabric rolls will be available for sale, along with the patterns (patterns are at a reduced rate for that day - only $6 each) and anything you purchase on the day will attract a 10% discount. Plus a couple of giveaways as well.
Look forward to seeing you there.

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