Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hoffman Skylines and other fabrics

This last week I had a parcel with the Hoffman Skylines and other fabrics arrive in store. OMG - love these fabrics

The panel is approximately 80cm repeat. They are digitally printed and the fabric has a very soft silky feel to it. The colours are beautiful jewel colours. There are 2 free pattern downloads available on for quilts made using these fabrics.
The other fabrics to come in are digitally printed Forest Friends -

The panel is made up of lots of pictures in rectangles, unfortunately they are not aligned and therefore I have cut them out so nothing is wasted by going a little above or below to make it fair. I have sold out of this fabric in 3 days but I gather that I can still order some of the ivory background, which has the same coloured pictures but the background areas are an ivory rather than the aqua I originally got in. The fabrics below the panel are made to complement the panel, but will look nice with almost anything else.
The price is a little more than we are used to but the dollar is so much lower at present and freight is so expensive. They are NZ$35 per metre.

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