Sunday, July 5, 2015

Christmas Prints

Christmas fabrics are now arriving in store to give you plenty of time to get them made up. Some are regular price and a couple are on sale.
 The Advent panel is 60cm wide and is NZ$16.50
The stocking panel is 60cm wide and is NZ$16.50
The allover print to go with these panels is NZ$27.50 per metre
These next 2 designs are both specials and very good prices -
 This stocking panel is only NZ$6 and is 60cm wide. The labels I think could be used to make a quilt by adding frames/sashing between them and them writing words, sayings or family names to make a Family Christmas Quilt - what do you think?
This panel is 75cm wide and is only NZ$7.50. Lots of choices here to make stockings with plain backs to give you more for your money.

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