Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Scan n Cut Demonstration

Come and see the Brother Scan n Cut machine being demonstrated on Wednesday 8th April between 10am - 3pm. Have a cuppa and a muffin while you watch Rachel demonstrate this fabulous machine.
I have had lots of fun over the last 3 weeks playing with my machine and seeing what I can create with it.
I tried with paper first and made lots of fiddly shapes that would have been a pain to cut with scissors and found how easy it was to create them with the push of a button.
Here are some of my cuts. I played with the words and snowflake shapes already in the machine's programme and learnt how to cut them. I can make them any size I want up to 12" across by 24" long which is wonderful. I have made a little notebook to remind myself how I did these things so now I can refer to it for lots of new ideas.
Here is the heart stencil I made. My first attempt wasn't so good as I didn't make them interlock and all the hearts fell apart but my second attempt turned out pretty good, don't you think?
Then I had some fun playing with fused fabric and created some shapes
Wow, is it easy to cut circles, way better than trying to do this with scissors.
Anyway, call in and see me sometime if you want to see these machines in action and if you can, call in when Rachel, the demonstrator from Brother is here and see what we can share with you.
Do check out the fabulous Rhinestone Kits which are available as well.

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