Sunday, November 2, 2014

Selection of New Fabrics

I feel bad - I have just seen that my last post was in September. Sorry. I had 4 weekends in a row at quilt shows , which was wonderful but I didn't get a lot done, leaving on Friday afternoons to set up and getting back late afternoon on Sundays.
Anyway - I thought you might like to see what has arrived in store just recently - some yummy fabrics, check these out
This lovely black with grey print from Copenhagen Print Factory is lovely. NZ$27.70pm

It has been a while since we had any Flower Fairy fabrics - but they have arrived
 This first one is the panel From Dawn to Dusk Fairies, 60cm panel $16.30 each
 This allover print is Day Fairies NZ$27 per metre
And this border print Dusk Fairies NZ$28.10 per metre. This is the same on both sides (ie. it repeats from the middle medium blue out to the dark blue on both sides of the fabric)

This unusual fabric from Michael Miller repeats again on the other side of the fabric fold, so if you open out the fabric this design is repeated twice, like a very large border print. I showed it to someone in store the other day and she said it would make a gorgeous dress or skirt. NZ$26.40pm
 Now - one for the boys (grown up ones too). Ford Fabrics, the panel above is NZ$26.60 (90cm wide)
 These 2 different Ford car fabrics are NZ$26.60 per metre

Then we have this lovely Japanese influenced range called Sakura, NZ$26.50 per metre Very unusual in gray and pink tones.

Lovely aren't they?
Now for something very modern and fresh looking -

You can add so many different colours to them and they will stand out beautifully. NZ$21.80 pm
And I finally have more of the vinyl bag mesh colours back in store,. They sold out very quickly and took a while for more colours to come through. Wonderful for bags and totes.
Looking forward to hearing from, or seeing you in store.

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