Friday, February 7, 2014

Bag Mesh

I have just received in store a selection of colours in Bag Mesh. This plastic mesh is wonderful for sewing with and creates light and airy bags.

As you can see there are some wonderful bright colours available, at the bottom is a close up of the mesh.This mesh comes in rolls which are 18" x 36" - one roll is sufficient to make the bag below, including the handles. Cost is NZ$10.30 per roll. I can also order this in by the metre, but thought I would try these precut rolls first.
Here is a picture of the bag I am currently working on
I chose to use some of Kaffe Fassett's fabric with a purple mesh. I hope to finish this in the next day or so and will post a photo of the completed bag then.
They are really easy to make. Take one roll of bag mesh, 25cm each of feature fabric and lining fabric. The pockets are on both the inside of the bag and the outside. I chose to quilt the pockets on the outside of the bag and just leave the ones inside as fabric only. Each side has 2 lines sewn down to split the large pocket into 3 smaller pockets. I am up to sewing the zip in place, then I will sew the sides and it will be done. I made longer handles as I prefer to sling bags over my shoulder than hold onto them.
There are lots of versions of bag you can make - here are 2 patterns I brought in to sell -

Both these patterns are NZ$16.40. They offer lots of variations for you to make.
You can also make tote bags. The mesh is lightweight and lets air through your bag. I think it would also be effective used between panels in a quilt to create a more light and open style yet still hold the quilt together. Worth experimenting with, especially with all those yummy colours. Contact me for more information or come in and see my sample.

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