Sunday, October 21, 2012

Modern Quilts

I have been looking at websites and books about Modern Quilting. I like the freshness and simplicity of these quilts. Here are a couple I have made
This is one I made to show at our recent quilt exhibition in Palmerston North. I joined a whole lot of scraps 2 1/2" wide into rows and joined them together with white between. Here is the piece before shaping it.

I joined all the strips on a bias angle to make them look more interesting that a straight join. I made it the width I needed to make my circle. I then joined 2 pieces of standard width white fabric together, folded it into quarters and cut a circle out of the centre. I then placed the white fabric over the strip piece and turned under the edges of the circle then used a buttonhole stitch to stitch it into place. Then I trimmed the excess strips from the back piece.
Here is my cat Tiger helping me. He thinks that if I have a quilt/fabric/batting on the floor then he can plonk himself in the middle of it and 'help' me. You can just see the rest of the stripped piece under the white fabric. It has to be carefully cut back near the seam otherwise you do see these coloured fabrics under the white. I then chose to do a simple style of quilting in rows across the quilt.

The next one I made was for our club challenge. Rose City Quilters turned 30 this year and our challenge was to make a quilt 50cm wide by 1m long representing 30th Anniversary.
I decided to make a 'modern' quilt using traditional techniques. I joined 29 different batik fabrics with a white fabric between each strip, with a white border (therefore making 30 fabrics). I quilted 30 different stitches between each strip and around the border, at the top of the strips I quilted 30 repeated and at the bottom I quilted Happy Anniversary repeated. Most of the quilting stitches were modern so around the outside edge I used a feather quilting design and modernised it with bright colour around it.
Then I find I didn't take a picture of the finished piece. I'll go and do that now and put it up

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