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Craft Classes Feb - Apl 2012

The craft classes I am offering for the first term of 2012 are as follows -

Quilt As You Go Technique Blocks
3 Wednesdays 15 Feb, 14 Mar  & 11 Apl 7-9pm NZ$40
These blocks are made using a wide variety of techniques - hand and machine, pieced and appliqued, embellished and embroidered. They can be made in a variety of sizes - I chose to make them 4" finished but you can choose 6", 8" 10" etc. Depends how many you want to make and how big you want to make your quilt. They are addictive as you are doing so many variations it is fun. Once you have stitched the piece you quilt it ready to sew them all together. It does look best in monochromatic (similar colour scheme) eg creams, reds etc or try cream and brown or maybe black and white with an occassional touch of colour. You will make from 2-4 blocks per night depending on the complexity of design. Here are a few blocks I have made in cream/tan/brown tones. With this method the seams are joined on the front and left to go raggedy.
Bygone Days - Fripperies from the past
3rd Thursday of the month for 10 months NZ$120 paid in advance or NZ$15 per night 7-9pm
16/2, 15/3, 19/4, 17/5, 21/6, 19/7, 16/8, 20/9, 18/10, 15/11
I have been looking at fabric items from Victorian and Regency times - and have these 'fripperies" for you to make. A reticule which could be used as a small purse or a jewellery or makeup bag when travelling; a covered lace coathanger to display and hold your clothes; a shoe bag for travelling; perfumed sachets for drawers and wardrobes; a beautiful hanging bag for lingerie etc. I have used sheers and organza along with silk,satin & rayon fabrics to create a light and lacy look for these but they also could be made in traditional patchwork style cottons. I can supply a kit for each night if required for a small fee, please discuss that with me to see what type of fabrics you would like.
I will also run this like a Block of the Month and send out instructions and kits if required once a month. Please contact me for more information on this.
This first photo shows the Hanging Lingerie bag with an appliqued rose silhouette, the lace covered, embellished coathanger and the reticule which has little pockets inside for carrying/storing items.
This photo shows the shoe bag (or it can be used for lingerie when travelling) and the small sachets or gift bags which can be made in a variety of sizes. These have all been made in cream and brown tonings.

Patchwork Savvy Technique Class #2
3rd Tuesday monthly for 10 months 7-9pm
21/2, 20/3, 17/4, 18/5, 19/6, 17/7, 21/8, 18/9, 16/10, 20/11
I ran this class in 2011 and many of the students asked for me to continue. In this class you will learn a variety of patchwork techniques which are shortcuts, crafty ways to sew something which you may not know about. There are traditional ways to sew some things for which Dianne then finds a new easier method. Dianne will teach all new techniques this year. Shown here are some of the samples from 2011.
This quilt was made using a really easy strip piecing method
And this one used a nifty technique to cut the 5 small half square triangles and the one large from 2 squares of fabric.

Doddle Quilting
Thursday 23 February 7-9pm NZ$15 7-9pm
Do you like machine quilting but haven't had time to try it, or want to see if you can create different patterns. Why not try this short class to get you into doodle quilting. Inspired by Zen Quilting and doodling you can quilt almost anything you can draw, using your needle as your pen. Here is a small sample to try -
Introduction to Thread Painting
Tuesday 6th March 7-9pm NZ$15
Dianne will take you through the basics of how to use your sewing machine to thread paint. You can start by stitching over a preprinted fabric design as I have done with this sample and add detail with your stitching. Thread painting can add depth and texture to your work.
Advanced Fabric Dyeing
Sunday 11 March 9:30am - 4pm NZ$45 plus Dianne can supply a dye kit for NZ$30 if you do not have dyes
Dianne has created a class to teach you  more advanced dyeing techniques - you'll learn resists - stitched and clamped as well as flour paste- batik (wax resist), drip and drizzle dyeing, ice dyeing, using a thickener to enable you to paint with dyes. It is best if you know the basics of fabric dyeing but this can be done by a novice. Here are some samples
These are batik dyed above. The next picture below is using flour paste as a resist.

Fabric Gift Envelopes
Thursday 29th March 7-9pm NZ$15
I have made some lovely little fabric gift envelopes. You can pop vouchers or tickets into them, keep them in your purse for cards etc, any flat item will stay in here beautifully although I sold one the other day to a gentleman to hold his glasses and they fitted fine. They can be made from one piece of fabric or pieced fabrics therefore being ideal for scraps. Quick and easy to make, you can choose a variety of sizes.
If you wish to book in for any of these classes or make any enquiries please phone or email Dianne or call in and see her. Dianne

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