Sunday, June 19, 2011

Painting on Fabric

There was an article in Quilting Arts #50 by Judy Coates Perez who visited NZ in 2010. Rose City Quilters brought her out as our Tote & Gloat speaker last May. She was a lovely speaker and tutor and her works are amazing. The article was about using Daler Rowney FW Acrylic paints on fabric. As I can get hold of these paints I decided to check it out and ordered some in. Like Judy I loved these paints. They go on smoothly and can be watered down heaps for a lighter and softer effect. I played around on a piece of white fabric and made notes as I went. I used 2 shades of green, a yellow, a red, a blue and pearlescent white. I then washed the piece and had no colour loss from all of the colours, except the pearlescent white which washed straight out. So, thank you Judy for passing this info on. I would use the pearlescent white only if not washing or I would use a textile white as I used a black tectile paint for highlighting. My sample piece is here
I now have some of these paints in stock for NZ$12.50 each and can order more colours if required. They are a neat little bottle which has an eyedropper at the top.Why not have a play yourself. Even if you are not an artist you can trace designs and paint over them to great effect. Have fun, have a playday.

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  1. Hi Diane! I just stumbled across this, fun! BTW the inks work really great with aloe vera gel in place of water so they dont bleed as much on the fabric. I find sometimes they bleed and sometimes they dont, I think the weave of the fabric affects that.

    You've been on my mind :-) I've been thinking about dropping you a note about Tsukineko All purpose inks. Do you ever stock them or would be willing to order them if I had a guild in NZ wanting to do a class when I come in 2013?