Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quilt magazines

I have once again been very remiss in writing regularly, I must learn to do this more often, I am just so not used to doing this :).
Anyway we have had some lovely new quilt magazines in store - check them out.
The latest Quilt Life magazine June 2011 is out NZ$17.50
This always has very interesting articles to read and think about, along with a recipe from both Alex and Ricky.
The latest Down Under Textiles Issue #4 NZ$11.95
I love this magazine, it always has some very interesting techniques in it to try out. From felting to stamping and painting, using tyvek or Lutradur, there are lots of mixed media projects to play with.
I am now getting the Quilter's World magazine from the USA. The latest issue out is April 2011 NZ$16.50
I also have a couple of back issues at NZ$8 if you'd like to have a look at them. This has more traditional style quilt patterns and various articles about quilting.
Also the latest American Quilter magazine is out March 2011 NZ$15
This is the official magazine of the American Quilt Society and has lots of very interesting articles and some patterns
The next blog will have some of the latest books in store.

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