Sunday, April 3, 2011

More New Extra Wide Fabrics

I have unpacked some more extra wide 100% cotton fabrics in the last week. These are great for quilt backings as you do not need to join them. They are a very reasonable price and the quality is good.
This first one is a dark red with black dots. It is 2.8 metres wide and is NZ$25 per metre.
This next one is dark green with black dots.

These next 2 are 2.4 metres wide and NZ$20.80 per metre.

This one is dark brown with black and tan overprinted branches.
The next one is hot pink, very bright yet quite lovely.
Now for some new print fabrics - one for the KIDS. This fabric has Glow In The Dark features, a little colour on the bugs shows up in the dark. There is the border print and then an allover print. They are NZ$ 24.70 per metre.
Then we have a couple of Mary Lou Wiedman basics at NZ$25.60 per metre These are lovely bright cheerful fabrics.
The last fabric to show you in this post is a gorgeous poppy fabric. NZ$25.90 per metre
Isn't it rich and lovely. Full of beautiful poppies that you could use in a block, sashing, borders etc.
If you are interested in anything you see please contact me or drop in and see me to view the fabrics in real life. Thanks for dropping by.

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